Evangelism has always been at the very core of Impartation Ministries existence.

    Literally thousands of souls have come into the kingdom directly or indirectly through this ministry, either through church sponsored crusades, or through the training of nationals, Peruvians reaching Peruvians, Kenyans reaching Kenyans, etc. The Great Commission is not only for the Church corporately, but for everyone of us as individuals. We will always be committed to world evangelism until, “all have heard”.

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    Leadership Training

    In Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Kenya, and South Africa, England, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mauritius, Honduras and the Ukraine, – Impartation Ministries trains national pastors and church leaders in evangelism, discipleship, and church leadership. We believe the most effective way to reach a nation is through its own people in their own culture.

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    Mobilizing Believers

    The Great Commission is and will always be, “go ye into all the world”. You can’t even say the word gospel without saying “GO”! We don’t need permission from God to go. We need premission to NOT GO! Impartation mobilizes Christians to “GO” on “short-term” missions trips.

    This is an excellent opportunity for believers not seasoned in world travel to experience hands-on ministry under supervision. If you have ever felt a stirring in your heart for missions, but have not known how to get involved, Impartation can help. Phone or e-mail us. We’ll be delighted to tell you what ministry opportunities we can get you connected with. Practical ministries like construction, children/youth, intercession and one-on-one witnessing are available as well. All you really need is a passport. Now is the time to walk through the door!

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    Bringing Renewal

    Part of the vision and anointing God has called Impartation Ministries to bear is that of bringing renewal and revival to the nations. In 1979, Ben received three prophecies from three individuals that had never met him and had never had contact with each other.

    All three prophecies ended with the same phrase…”and Madisonville, Kentucky will not be able to contain your ministry.” Since then, Ben has been preparing himself to fulfill that call. In January of 1997, Ben had a tremendous renewal experience that lasted for months that completely revolutionized his life and ministry. Since then, the increase in souls harvested, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and bodies healed has been remarkable.

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